“But seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find its welfare.” Jeremiah 29.7


God appointed that the welfare of Israel in exile would be obtained through their pursuit of the welfare of their city of exile. We, like Israel, find ourselves in exile. We are foreigners in a strange land awaiting the eternal city. And we too, as the redeemed people of God, are called to participate in the power of His Spirit in seeking the welfare of our city.

There is more to our city than meets the eye. Like a ray of light refracted through a prism, our city is actually made up of a diversity of “spheres” that all come together to give our city its unique makeup and identity. The aim of SERVESML is to identify ways the church is already at work in these “spheres” and to extend those works in new ways and to new areas.


ServeSML Our City

SERVESML is an initiative to intentionally seek the welfare of our city, Stone Mountain-Lilburn (SML) and the immediate surrounding areas. We want to regularly scatter across our city and engage its landscape—its physical, political, educational, recreational, economic and social spheres—with the aim of imprinting upon it the hope of renewal proclaimed by the gospel of Jesus. And we want these efforts to be an integral and regular pattern of our life together.


As we are at work in each of these six spheres, we will bring with us the hope of the gospel of Jesus that promises to bring restoration and renewal to every square inch of God’s good creation. We will lay the gospel of Jesus like blanket over our city so that no part of it is untouched or unchanged by King Jesus. And we can work toward this end together, in the stuff of the everyday like baseball practice and grocery shopping and taking the kids to the park and gathering at the dinner table. Below are some ideas you and your family or small group can seek the welfare of our city to the end of proclaiming in word and in deed the good news that Jesus is King.


ServeSML Ideas