How to Become a Member of Mountain Park First Baptist Church

Mountain Park First Baptist Church welcomes for membership all individuals who have trusted in Christ for their salvation and have been obedient to Christ through believer’s baptism by immersion.


Requirements for Membership:

There are two requirements for membership: salvation and believer’s baptism by immersion. Salvation is accomplished by God and made effectual by Spirit-quickened faith in Jesus’ finished work for the believer: His righteous life, substitutionary atoning death, and resurrection. By faith, the righteousness of Jesus is credited to a believer and all of the believer’s sins are counted against Christ so that the believer stands justified before the Father.

Believer’s baptism by immersion depicts the drama of salvation. This powerful symbol depicts the person’s death to their sin and old way of life and the new life granted them by Jesus.


Ways to Become a Member:

A person may unite “by profession of faith” and become a candidate for baptism.

A person may unite “by letter” if he is already a member of a Southern Baptist Church.

A person may unite “by statement’ if he is a believer and has been baptized by immersion but is not a member of a Southern Baptist Church.


Expectations of Membership:

Radiant Life-Treasuring Jesus daily

Radiant Relationships-Cultivating Christ-centered relationships

Radiant Investment-Investing in God’s Kingdom

Radiant Influence-Sharing Jesus intentionally


For more information or if you are interested in joining Mountain Park please contact Paul Ballard at 770.921.1452.