CentriKid Day Camp 2021

June 21-25, 2021

CentriKid Day Camp is the most amazingly fun, amazingly engaging, and amazingly extreme kid-friendly camp there is! Your child will NOT want to miss it! In fact, invite a friend or two or three so we can all have an amazing week together!  


If you have questions - we've got answers!! Here you go!

If you still have questions after looking through these, please don't hesitate to contact Jenny Phillips (jphillips@mpfbc.net) and I'll be happy to answer your questions!

**There are currently AMAZING DISCOUNTS being offered for your child to attend because we want all of our Elementary friends to attend! Please contact Jenny Phillips (jphillips@mpfbc.net) to find out all about them!

CentriKid Q & A


Q. Why should I send my kid to CentriKid Day Camp?

A. Because he or she will have SO MUCH FUN in a kid-friendly, kid-safe, kid-designed place! CentriKid is Biblical, Relational, and Phenomenally Fun - it's what every kid WANTS and NEEDS to enjoy! Bring a friend and have even MORE fun together!

Q. What will we be learning about?

A. Every year, EVERY element of camp is centered around a central biblical theme that is intentionally revisited throughout each day to help kids understand that God's Word applies to each part of their life! This year's theme is The Discovery.  


Q. What's The Discovery theme about?

A.  The key verse we hope every camper and adult will memorize is 1 John 2:6, "The one who says he remains in him should walk just as he walked."  We need help. We need more than a how-to guide, we need an example. This summer at CentriKid Camps, campers will discover what it means to be imitators of Christ. Jesus is the ultimate example that we should follow as Christians and we will be taking a look at scriptures that help us know Jesus and walk as Jesus walked.

Q. What will our day look like?

A.The CentriKid Day Camp schedule begins with drop-off at 8:30am and camp runs from 9am-4pm. The campers will select activity tracks, attend Bible Study, go to Recreation, and Worship each afternoon before they go! And, of course the week concludes with CentriKid’s famous OMC, which stands for Organized Mass Chaos!


Here's an approximate idea of what our day will look like:

  • 8:30 Check-in begins
  • 9:00 Large Group - I Can't Wait
  • 9:30 Track A
  • 10:15 Track B
  • 11:00 Lunch
  • 11:45 Bible Study
  • 12:30 Recreation
  • 1:15 Track C
  • 2:00 Track D
  • 2:45 Snack & Break
  • 3:00 Large Group/Worship
  • 4:00 Check-out/ Dismissal

Q. What will the track choices be?

A. You'll be able to choose between 4 grouped tracks. Those will include Archery, Basketball, Build It, Weird Science, Flag Football, Indoor Games, Cheernastics, Creative Dance, Soccer, Sign Language, Outdoor Games, and Art Studio. They will ALL be fun!! This is a GREAT time to try something new!


Q. What Covid protocols will be in place?

A. CentriKid staff and our own church volunteers WILL be wearing masks, using hand sanitizer throughout the day, and honoring social-distance guidelines. Children WILL need to wear masks indoors as well, but will not be required to wear them when outside the church buildings. Children will need to  bring their own mask! Children WILL be asked to clean their hands regularly and maintain appropriate social distances.


Q.Will I be able to see what my child has learned?

A. Yes! You will have an opportunity to see the worship time Friday afternoon and see your child perform if he/she chooses the Sign Language class, Cheernastics, or Creative Dance. Then, you can watch the most fun a group of kids and adults can have together... OMC!!! We'll end the day with a free Kona Ice truck visit!


Q. Why did you choose to have CentriKid Day Camp instead of going away to camp?

A. That's simple - because it's SO phenomenally fun and I wanted to share ALL of that FUN with ALL of our Mountain Park neighbors!


Q. What will my child eat for lunch?

A. You have options! Your child is welcome to bring his/her own lunch and we will have lunch options for you to pre-purchase. Details on that will be coming soon!


Q. Will my child have a snack?

A. Yes! We will provide snacks and you are welcome to send a snack with your child to eat during our afternoon Snack & Break Time.


Q. Will my child have access to water throughout the day?

A. Absolutely! Your child is welcome to bring a water bottle filled with water ONLY. No juices or sports drinks. We will also have water stations for your child to use as needed.


Q. Does my child need to bring anything?

A. Great question! He or she needs to bring a good attitude, a lightweight backpack with a water bottle, a Bible if you have one, a notebook, and a pen or pencil. Feel free to throw in some personal hand sanitizer. (We will provide hand sanitizer stations too.). They are welcome to bring a snack and lunch to be eaten as certain times if you choose as well.

Q. Is there anything my child should NOT bring.

A. Yes, please! Please do not let your child bring any electronic devices or anything valuable or that he or she does not want to get messy...just in case!

Q. What if my child has an allergy?

A. We can make accommodations for most needs. Contact Jenny Phillips (jphillips@mpfbc.net) for any specific questions.