Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunts

April 1-12 Sign Up Through Life Groups

What is it?

We want to equip you to engage your community to demonstrate and share the Gospel. This is an event where we providing a starter kit filled with material for an easter egg hunt. This is designed to be in your neighborhood and to invite your neighbors and the people in your community.

How do I sign up?

All sign ups are happening through Life Groups. Each Life Group leader has access to a sign up page to get your group involved. Each group will collectively choose one location to host the event at. Keep in mind who's house would be best to host and who is in those neighborhoods. We will provide one starter kit to each life group who signs up.

What if I am not in a life group?

If you are not in a life group and would like to get involved with an egg hunt then fill out the form below. We will get you plugged in with a life group so you can be involved in this awesome opportunity to impact our community for the advancement of the Gospel!